Seamless Gutter Installation

Seamless Gutter Installation

Seamless Gutter Installation

Hello. I will start this blog off about different seamless gutter experiences i have had in the last few years.

To start out I get calls from my various web and advertising outlets. I will get phone numbers, address, and general intentions of my gutter customers. Everyone has a different reason for calling a local gutter installer. As follows…

Some gutter customers are just wanting a new look to their home by putting a black 6″ seamless gutter on it. With a 20-30 year old brick home the black oversized gutters will make that house POP! Lots of people are using black 6″ gutters on vinyl siding homes also. These homes can be hit or miss with the black depending on the accent colors they choose to use on the rest of their home.

Some customers have had major damages to their roofs by the high winds and heavy rains we have received over the last few months.  These customers want their seamless gutters to look like their house did before the storms. I will usually suggest they go back with same color gutter that came off if they were happy with the look of their home before. Usually, the insurance companies will replace the entire guttering systems when storm damage happens.

Then there are the new constructions. These customers are usually looking for a LOW price. After spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to build they are trying to cut that cost anywhere they can. I understand this and i also support it. When dealing with a new construction from a gutter company’s standpoint, everything is new. Not a problem of removing old gutters. Not a problem with water damaged fascia wood. Not a problem with the uneven and bent up drip edges. For these reasons Gutter Companies can charge a lower pricing because the install time will be Greatly reduced. It’s not that gutter installers are trying to gouge or get over on existing homeowners. It’s all about ease of job. Bottom line new construction will usually get a lower price than an existing home.

Now I’m going to tackle the situations that separate the mediocre gutter companies and my gutter company. This is where I will brag intensely about what my company can do. These are the customers that have recently bought an older home or have lived there for years and neglected their gutter, fascia, and soffits. These are the homes that I Never shy away from. There are homes with years of neglect which causes many areas of water damage. The water damage is caused by a catastrophic gutter failure. The gutters start to allow the water from roof, that is supposed to hit the roofs drip edge and go directly into the gutter, to go behind the gutter system. That water then starts to go behind the fascia metal and eventually finding its way to the soffit. When the soffit is angles just a few degrees towards the home then you can find yourself taking water inside the interior walls. This is where you have major financial and structural troubles. In the meantime, before water gets inside the interior walls there is a trail of wood rot up to that point. Firstly, the fascia wood will be completely rotted to the point you can pull it out with your hand. These are just a few of the boards Gutter Works will replace. After the fascia wood rots then the rafter tails start to get soft and rot away. The decking under the soffit will start to get soft and rot. The water will not stop until you stop it. Gutter Works will rebuild all the components within the fascia and soffit regions of your home. This will include replacing the fascia aluminum and placing new vinyl soffit in all the areas of your home to make it look brand

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