Customer Concerns Gutter Boyz

Why would the wood behind my gutters rot?

Fascia boards (wood behind seamless gutter) usually rots due to the lack of seamless gutters being clean and the water overflowing over the back of the gutter. There are times when the hangers pull off away or are even missing. That will cause water to run behind the gutters. In rare cases this wood can become rotted due to Water going under the shingles of the roof.  Where the rain water is not making it into the gutter and constantly leaks behind the gutter.

Why do I need gutters?

The purpose of gutters is to carry rain water from your roof areas down the side of your home/building and safely away from your foundation. The foundation is the number one reason your home needs gutters.  Water is the largest enemy of your home

What is a seamless gutter?

A seamless gutter is a straight piece of aluminum either 5” or 6” wide at the top, after bent, that has no seams to leak. A seamless gutter is a continuously straight piece of gutter.  Opposite of the gutters that will have a seam every 10’. Our gutter can be made to any length and is roll formed from a special machine which we will bring to your home. Most installs are done in one to two days.

Can I match my exact existing colors?

We offer colors from 3 different companies. Spectra, Mastic, and Benthall. They can match any color you can find locally. We can also match any special order colors.